Careers at Openfield

More than any place where you’ve worked or will work, we want to be the one that mattered most on your path to becoming amazing at what you do.

We hire passionate, engaged people who are dedicated to being the best they can be and we do everything we can to help them make that a reality. We are fiercely protective of the open, honest and supportive culture we’ve so carefully built. While it may have stemmed from our co-founders in the early days, it has taken on a life of its own thanks to the awesome people who make up our team.

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We offer what we believe is most important to the type of people we want as our coworkers – a genuine interest and process to help you become the best version of yourself in an environment that rewards initiative, participation and general kick-assedness. Our version of fun is the byproduct of working with a group of people who always have each others’ backs.

Immediate Openings

We’d love to talk to qualified individuals for the following open positions.

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    UX Researcher

    The User Experience Researcher learns what our clients and end-users want and need from their products and services. You will conduct independent research to analyze real users and their behaviors to deliver world-class user experience solutions. The UX Researcher will affect the testing roadmap and use qualitative and quantitative data to help shape the design.

    You will work closely with the UX Lead and UX Designers to improve product features and help to develop and discover new experience opportunities and improvements. You will be asked to participate in and have a solid understanding of a wide range of clients and project types and be able to support each one’s strategies.

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    UX Designer

    At Openfield, the UX Designer brings products to life through elegant and purposeful design. This is a hands-on design position offering the opportunity to work side-by-side with other UX designers, product owners and engineers to create world-class digital experiences.

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Positions that may open soon

Sometimes we’re not looking to fill a position. But, then we meet you and we think, “Oh man… we need to hire this person, right now!”

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    Project Manager

    Whether you identify yourself as an account service guru or a project manager extraordinaire, we’d love to hear from you. Our philosophy on hiring is to find stellar people and then design positions around their experience level, skill set and interests.

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Five things to know about working at Openfield

We are passionate about creating things that have meaningful value for our clients and their users.
We check egos at the door ‐ great ideas can come from anyone, regardless of job title.
No two people’s paths are exactly alike ‐ each member of our team designs his or her own set of personal growth goals.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but, we’re very serious about being the best we can be.
While we don’t have the clichéd photo of our team playing foosball, we do have a sweet conference room table made out of 60,000+ Legos.

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