Successful EdTech Products Start with UX Research and Design

We provide specialized UX research and design services for EdTech products that help companies like yours deliver best-in-class user experiences. Openfield can help you quickly address acute user pain points to avoid lasting damage. For long-term success, we also tackle broad strategic challenges to avoid future usability problems.

User Research & Testing

Validate your EdTech products and identify issues without sacrificing quality UX or speed to market with world-class UX research and testing that’s focused solely on learning solutions. Openfield’s unique research expertise ensures you can fix immediate usability issues and create a sustainable plan for delivering valuable long-term solutions.

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Ideation & Planning

Align your team and stakeholders to ensure your product meets real-world needs of student and instructor users. Openfield facilitates collaboration and helps you develop a roadmap for successful EdTech solutions that meet the real-world needs of students and teachers while achieving the strategic goals of your business.

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Design & Prototyping

Develop educational technology that delivers bar-setting user experiences and makes your EdTech product the go-to for students and instructors. Openfield’s design capabilities ensure your product meets industry-leading standards and accessibility requirements to provide the best possible learning outcomes and position your EdTech product as the clear choice.

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We Help Edtech Product Teams Succeed

Openfield’s world-class EdTech research, ideation, and design services follow a user-centric approach to deliver outcomes that justify your investment. Beyond that, we become an extension of your team, providing short- or long-term solutions that align with your budget and business initiatives.

Openfield plays a huge role in our success by helping us deliver high quality products with a solid user experience.