Successful EdTech Products Start with UX Research and Design

We provide specialized UX research and design services for EdTech products that help companies like yours deliver best-in-class user experiences. Whether you need immediate help addressing acute user pain points or a roadmap to tackle broad strategic challenges, Openfield is your partner for short- and long-term EdTech product success.

We Help EdTech Product Teams Succeed

Openfield’s world-class EdTech research, ideation, and design services follow a user-centric approach to deliver outcomes that justify your UX investment. We become an extension of your team, providing short- or long-term solutions that align with your budget and business initiatives.

User Research & Testing

Validate your EdTech products and identify issues without sacrificing quality UX or speed to market with world-class UX research and testing that’s focused solely on learning solutions. Openfield’s unique research expertise ensures you can fix immediate usability issues and create a sustainable plan for delivering valuable long-term solutions.

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Ideation & Planning

Align your team and stakeholders to ensure your product meets real-world needs of student and instructor users. Openfield facilitates collaboration and helps you develop a roadmap for successful EdTech solutions that meet the real-world needs of students and teachers while achieving the strategic goals of your business.

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Design & Prototyping

Develop educational technology that delivers bar-setting user experiences and makes your EdTech product the go-to for students and instructors. Openfield’s design capabilities ensure your product meets industry-leading standards and accessibility requirements to provide the best possible learning outcomes and position your EdTech product as the clear choice.

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Typical Engagements

  • Ongoing Monthly UX Design & Research

    Wrangle big-picture strategic concerns and get on-the-ground tactical UX design and research support. Whether you are a large enterprise product team or a pre-launch start-up, we serve as your UX team or supplement your internal resources to guide you toward success.

    Benefits Include:
    • Scalability as-needed
    • Outside EdTech-focused expertise
    • Access to specialized skill sets such as accessibility, data visualization

    Typical Duration: 6 to 12 months
    Typical Fees: $12,500 – 20,000/month

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  • Project-Based Engagements

    Tap into resources for a near-term boost of power to overcome specific challenges that are keeping you from moving your product forward. We collaborate for a fixed duration to help you address user pain points so you can realize your product goals.

    • High-fidelity user interface design
    • Design guidelines and component libraries
    • Heuristic product evaluation and assessment

    Typical Duration: 2 to 6 months
    Typical Fees: $12,500/month

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Packaged Services

  • Acute Diagnostic & Action Plan Package

    Properly identify and diagnose acute UX pain points and create an actionable plan to avoid more serious long-term damage such as product abandonment and lost sales.

    Duration: 4 weeks
    Fee starts at: $12,500

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  • Rapid Prototyping Package

    Gain confidence that your ideas will truly solve your user base’s problems. Whether your product is brand new or on the verge of an update. Rapid prototyping is a cost-effective, resource-light approach to getting and incorporating real-world feedback.

    Typical Duration: 1-6 weeks
    Fees: $4,000 and $8,000 options

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  • 3-Day Ideation Workshop

    Align stakeholders and gauge user reactions through a collaborative guided visualization workshop that yields a high volume of concepts in a condensed time frame.

    Duration: 3-Day Workshop + Follow Up Recap
    Fee: $8,000

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Openfield plays a huge role in our success by helping us deliver high-quality products with a solid user experience.