What We Do

We provide specialized UX research and design services that help EdTech companies deliver world-class user experiences that drive greater learning and teaching success for millions of students and instructors.

User Research & Testing

Get to the heart of what really matters to your users. Make more confident decisions about what you deploy and when.

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Ideation & Planning

Align your team and stakeholders on ensuring your product meets real-world needs of student and instructor users.

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Design & Prototyping

Create and validate bar-setting user experiences that will endear students and instructors to your product.

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We help product teams succeed in six key ways:

We help you identify and plan for the risks associated with new initiatives and growth.
We right-size your investment in UX design.
We provide smart budgeting and scheduling with research-backed insight.
We ensure all solutions we provide meet industry-leading accessibility standards.
We stand up for the voice of the user, ensuring outcomes justify your investment.
We become an extension of your team.

Openfield plays a huge role in our success by helping us deliver high quality products with a solid user experience.