EdTech Feedback Panel

There’s a serious disconnect between the makers of educational software and the people that use it. Help us close the gap and get paid for your time.

EdTech products can be really frustrating to use, right? They so rarely fit with the way you actually teach or learn course material. Why? Software companies often don’t know how to connect with users like you, they don’t ask the right questions, or they don’t know the best way to react to the input they get.

That’s why we’ve created the EdTech Feedback Panel. At Openfield, our years of experience conducting user research with thousands of teachers, administrators and students like you has honed our ability to help product teams create educational software that actually fits real-world needs.

Why Your Voice Matters

The tools you use should feel like an extension of how you think and work, but they often don’t. By sharing your insights with us in one-on-one sessions, surveys and focus groups, you have an opportunity to directly improve software for educators and students everywhere.

At Openfield, it’s our mission to turn user feedback into actionable insights that help us make EdTech better for all. By listening to you and reflecting your needs in our work, we’re able to create products that truly make a difference in the lives of those who use them. To see examples of how our research has helped improve tools for educators and students, check out our Results page.

How Does It Work?

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