About Us

Openfield is a meticulously honed system of specialized UX professionals with deep domain experience in the EdTech space. We work with product teams to enable confident decision making, increased output and optimized process.

Meet Our Team

  • Annie Hensley

    UX Lead

    As UX Lead at Openfield, Annie’s focus is ensuring our clients benefit from world-class UX design and research. She knows how important it is to mind meld with product owners and engineering teams while remaining a champion for our clients’ users. Annie is a lifelong runner who enjoys helping others train for major milestones such as full and half marathons. Her passion for mentorship and social issues is evident in her leadership and involvement in organizations that support women in our industry.

  • Trevor Minton

    Trevor Minton

    Vice President of Product Experience

    As Vice President of Product Experience at Openfield, Trevor collaborates closely with our clients and ensures that our team delivers world-class design thinking and execution that results in strong emotional connections between users and digital products. He is passionately enthusiastic about music, local and international soccer, automotive design and racing, and getting under the hood of his old but new-to-him BMW to keep it on the road for another couple of decades.

  • Julee Peterson

    Accessibility Lead / Senior UX Designer

    As Accessibility Lead / Senior UX Designer at Openfield, Julee brings a tireless dedication to creating stellar user experiences that work for ALL users by leading our efforts to stay at the forefront of ADA compliance and inclusive design practices. She holds a Master of Science in User Experience Design from Kent State University. Outside of the office, Julee enjoys cruising on her motorcycle when the weather’s nice, gardening and furthering her love of cooking and baking with challenging new recipes. She is currently satisfying her thirst to learn new things by teaching herself to play the cello and speak Korean. 반갑습니다!

  • Allie Lozinak

    UX Designer

    Allie’s uncanny ability to analyze and organize complex user flows is well complemented by her enviable design and illustration skills. She is serious about her work, but uses her sense of humor and love of puns to make us all laugh. Allie is strong in her conviction that breakfast IS the best kind of food. Outside of the office, she enjoys family game nights and hanging with Poopsie Woo, the family Dachshund-Chihuahua mix (also known as a Chiweenie). Allie is a lover of the great outdoors who is enamored with National Parks. She believes every hike is rewarded by the view or, at the very least, a well-earned snack (breakfast perhaps).

  • Crissie Raines

    Project Manager

    As Project Manager at Openfield, Crissie plays a critical role in helping our team focus on what they do best by hawkishly monitoring budgets, resource and time tracking and financial reporting. As a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, D.A.A.P.’s Fashion Design program, she brings a unique view of the value of design to work each day. Outside of the office, Crissie enjoys designing and sewing one-of-a-kind clothing pieces for herself and others, including five wedding dresses. She always has a jar of candy at home, at the office and in her purse, as she feels “candy is the most important food group.” Crissie is a pop culture connoisseur, and a major force of our culture here at Openfield.

  • Jacob Hansen

    UX Designer

    As a UX Designer at Openfield, Jacob is a highly detailed and empathetic practitioner. From an early age, he knew his dual interests in art and tech would guide his future career, so when he discovered UX design he knew it was for him. Outside of the office, Jacob is a prolific character illustrator, a passion that blends his love of design, fine art, gaming and cartooning in both traditional and digital media. He is a storyteller who is inspired by both film and its history. And when he’s not doing all that, he finds time to run road races.

  • Yanni Xiang

    UX Designer

    Yanni  began her design journey on a much different path than most UX Designers. Initially enrolling in the Fine Arts program at the University of Cincinnati and then studying abroad at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, she returned to U.C. to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Design with a Minor in Marketing. While working in the luxury fashion retail space, she began to feel it was an designer-centric industry that wasn’t truly meeting the needs of its clientele. For Yanni, UX Design was the antidote. After intensive study at General Assembly in Los Angeles, she launched a career in UX that ultimately led her to Openfield. Originally from Wuhan, China, Yanni has lived in Shanghai, London, Los Angeles and now Cincinnati. She has travelled extensively throughout her homeland of China, as well as, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Greece (Santorini is her fav). Outside of work, she enjoys drawing and painting in a variety of media and hanging out with Lenny, the Sugar Glider she rescued, her Golden Retriever puppy, Ginger, and of course, her husband, Jackson.

  • Josh Barnes

    Josh Barnes


    As a Co-founder of Openfield, Josh’s focus is the finance, operation and human resources systems that serve as the underlying bedrock for our team’s growth. Having completed numerous half marathons and endurance races, he is an avid runner who is always looking ahead to his next challenge. His passion for guerrilla art has earned him recognition as the Banksy of our office.

  • Adam Sonnett, President, Openfield

    Adam Sonnett


    As President at Openfield, Adam brings a blend of business acumen, client empathy and leadership skills to ensuring our team delivers the best process, velocity, service and quality to enable our clients’ digital products to surge ahead of the competition. Outside of work, Adam is a devoted husband, father and dog owner who is a life-long player and maniacal fan of major league and international soccer clubs. On weekends, you can find him working on various renovation projects at his historic home in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.

  • Sarah Freitag

    Sarah Freitag

    UX Research Lead

    As UX Research Lead at Openfield, Sarah draws on her background in market research, design and business to enable our clients to make solid decisions that increase user satisfaction, streamline process and reduce costs. Sarah is an avid reader and an adventurous explorer. Highlights from her favorite travels include Morocco, Peru, Italy, Denmark and France. She modestly describes herself as a “novice” baker, an understatement for someone who took on the daunting task of making her own wedding cake.

  • Chris Albert

    Chris Albert

    Design Director

    As a Design Director at Openfield, Chris is a deep thinker with a savant-like ability to untangle and simplify complex systems. Now in his 8th year with Openfield, the wisdom of his 20+ year career in design and his tireless devotion to his work and clients inspires everyone at Openfield. Out of the office, you’ll find him doing the same thing he does at work – ever advancing one of his many crafts and interests. He’s a letterpressing photographing traveling gaming car guy. Chris is our Renaissance man.

  • Autumn Gilbert, UX Researcher at Openfield.

    Autumn Gilbert

    UX Researcher

    In her role as UX Researcher Autumn adds a high degree of compassion and observational skills to our team. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Kentucky University. But it was her during experience going door-to-door interviewing villagers while attending the Ethnographic Field School in Orange Walk, Belize that she found her true passion for research and learning about the world. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys knitting and crocheting scarves and hats that she donates to those in need, reading and doing puzzle books. She is a self-professed “old lady”, but the energy she brings to our team never gets old.

  • Lauren DeMarks

    UX Designer

    As a UX designer at Openfield, Lauren combines her love of helping and connecting with others with her passion for design. She holds a BFA from Miami University in Graphic Design, as well as minors in Art Entrepreneurship and Interactive Media Studies. Outside of the office, she is very serious about ultimate frisbee. Having played on both the men’s and women’s teams in college, she continues to help her alma mater introduce young women to the sport she loves so much. Lauren has a thirst for travel, having lived and studied abroad in Luxembourg and state-side in San Francisco, and is committed to supporting products and services that contribute directly to environmental and sustainability issues.

  • Kyle Bentle

    UX Designer

    Kyle’s journey to the world of UX is an uncommon one. After earning a journalism degree from Ball State University with a concentration in graphic design, he spent the next decade working in news organizations in Jacksonville and Chicago. In his previous role as designer and journalist at the Chicago Tribune, Kyle juggled the needs of many stakeholders while collaborating on multidisciplinary teams under immense deadline pressure. As a data visualization expert, he brings a rare ability to analyze and translate complex information and concepts into engaging and understandable stories. Outside of work, he enjoys time with his wife, Lee Ann, and their dog, Scooter. Among his hobbies are biking, spending time outdoors, and painting poorly (his words).

  • Photo of Brian Keenan

    Brian Keenan


    As a Co-founder of Openfield, Brian’s focus is helping business leaders understand how UX research and design can help them increase revenue while reducing risk and waste. He is an avid student and practitioner of landscape photography, which pairs well with his love of road tripping and exploring vast and wild destinations.

  • Photo of Brandon Blangger

    Brandon Blangger


    As a Co-founder of Openfield, Brandon’s focus is connecting business leaders and product owners to the power of UX research and design to realize revenue goals. Outside of work, Brandon can be found advancing his skills as a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is an ardent ground-level fan of Major League Soccer’s newest expansion team: FC Cincinnati. His latest personal project is converting his basement into a thunderdome for his daughter, Ella and son, Drake.

Five things to know about us:

It’s always about your user, all the time. Their needs are central to every decision we make.
We care about your business as if it were our own.
Speed gives you the upper hand. We strive to be the fastest, most accurate teammates you’ve ever worked with.
Our process is proven. It’s also flexible because no two clients are alike.
We know EdTech and we love working on products that help people learn and teach better.

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