Leverage actionable data to drive user engagement and improve learning outcomes

Actionable data holds the key to unlocking valuable insights that empower users to make informed decisions. But it’s challenging to decipher which data will inspire your users down a guided path versus which will only confuse them. 

This eBook explores how actionable data in data visualizations transforms the way your users interact with their information to achieve better outcomes. You’ll learn:

  • Your user types and their specific needs for data visualization.
  • How to deliver data at the right place at the right time without overwhelming users.
  • How to select appropriate data visualizations to effectively tell a story and drive action.
  • Why an early release for data visualizations is better than waiting until they’re fully developed.

There’s a plethora of data your EdTech product can use to help your users achieve their goals, but not all of it is valuable to your data viz. It takes skillful EdTech designers to create actionable data visualizations that enhance user experiences, improve outcomes for all user types and drive product success. 

Learn how you can get ahead of the competitors with more compelling data visualization.

  • Photo of Kyle Bentle
    Kyle Bentle

    Kyle’s journey to the world of UX is an uncommon one. After earning a journalism degree from Ball State University with a concentration in graphic design, he spent the next decade working in news organizations in Jacksonville and Chicago. In his previous role as designer and journalist at the Chicago Tribune, Kyle juggled the needs of many stakeholders while collaborating on multidisciplinary teams under immense deadline pressure. As a data visualization expert, he brings a rare ability to analyze and translate complex information and concepts into engaging and understandable stories. Outside of work, he enjoys time with his wife, Lee Ann, and their dog, Scooter. Among his hobbies are biking, spending time outdoors, and painting poorly (his words).

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