Acute UX Diagnostic and Action Plan

Pinpoint and resolve acute user frustration with Openfield’s diagnostic package

Too often, EdTech product teams focus on speed at the cost of accuracy.

Has a recent update caused a user revolt? Is your user base growing increasingly restless because they believe you’re not listening to their calls for improvements? These scenarios are unfortunately common — and almost always arise due to a lack of user research.

Acting quickly and decisively is important, but if you fail to accurately identify and prioritize acute UX issues using the right blend of user research and stakeholder brainstorming, you risk compounding your problems. Nothing is more painful for a product leader than expending time and energy on improvements that miss the mark.

Without properly diagnosing acute user pain points and developing a sound action plan, your team can’t quickly address short-term UX emergencies with any certainty. Openfield can help you properly identify and diagnose these acute UX pain points and create an actionable plan to immediately begin to avoid more serious long-term damage such as product abandonment and lost sales.

In Four Weeks, Our Acute UX Diagnostic and Action Plan Will Deliver Both:

  1. Report of Research Findings with user-informed problems identified and ranked in order of severity.
  2. Quick-action Plan with Prioritized Recommendations for UX improvements that includes a detailed approach, processes and estimated duration required to address each action item.
A stopwatch indicating that Openfield moves quickly to identify Critical, Important, and Nice to Have project priorities.

How the Acute Diagnostic Works to Triage Immediate User Pain Points

This package is designed to be flexible and fast. Every product team and user base is different, and this package is customizable to suit your scenario and timeline best.

Prior to working together, we will conduct a free initial consultation to understand your users’ pain points and your organizational needs. Coming out of that session, we will craft a personalized statement of work outlining recommended approach and team members for your approval to begin working together.

How we design the right package depends on your needs.

Fees for the Acute UX Diagnostic and Action Plan start at $12,500 USD for the four week engagement. To inform our approach, we assess the following areas:

An icon depicting your users.


  • Who are your users?
  • Do you have primary, secondary or tertiary users?
  • What tasks are they using your product to perform?
  • What makes your users unique?
  • Do you have access to users who can participate in research?
An icon depicting your business strategy.

Your business strategy

  • Are you more focused on user acquisition or user retention? Do you need to balance both?
  • Are there future strategic initiatives that we should consider?
  • What is your revenue model?
  • Tell us about your internal stakeholders
  • What areas of your company will be represented in decision making? – Ex: product team, engineering, executive leadership, customer experience, and marketing.
  • Do you already have internal alignment on the issues at hand or do you need help gaining consensus?
An icon depicting your product’s purchasing journey.

The purchasing journey for your product

  • Who are your buyers?
  • What are their roles?
  • How do they interact with your product?
  • Are there other buyer-side stakeholders that influence the decision?
  • Who will be involved and how?

These activities and skill sets are available to you:

Every EdTech product’s journey is unique. Our deep experience and expertise allow us to meet you wherever you are. To suit your specific needs, our approach will include select items from the following areas:

User Research & Testing

  • User Research & Testing
  • User Observation, Interviews & Surveys
  • Task flows, user flows, & journey maps
  • Competitive & Analogous Benchmarking
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • User Story Development
  • User Validation Testing
  • Expert & Stakeholder Interviews

Ideation & Planning

  • MVP Definition
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Design Sprint Workshops
  • Co-Creation Session Planning & Facilitation
  • Accessibility / WCAG 2.2 Planning (ADA Compliance)
  • Third-party Software Evaluation & Integration Planning
A four-week project roadmap being custom built with different activities that suit our clients’ needs.

Your Openfield team will be tailored to your unique tactical and strategic considerations.

Depending on your situation, we will assemble a UX team that best aligns with your challenges. Your core team will be led by our Chief Experience Officer, Director of Research and Director of Design. We will then leverage our entire team’s skills sets in design, research, user testing, and roadmapping through internal collaboration and input sessions that focus on your goals. This enables us to offer a wider set of viewpoints and specialized skills to maximize insights and solutions to your problems.

To learn more about our team, visit our About Us page.

Why Working with Openfield Makes Sense

Founded in 2006, Openfield is a UX research and design partner focused solely on EdTech. Our work with EdTech teams like yours has made product experiences better for millions of users.

Our expertise has been forged by over 30,000 hours of conducting user interviews, observational studies, surveys, prototype testing, and co-creation workshops that have allowed us to synthesize findings into actionable plans that EdTech product leaders like you use to make more confident decisions.

  • 30,000+ hrsEdTech user research

  • 130,000+ hrsOverall EdTech UX

  • 1 million+Have used products we work on

When the heat is on to move quickly, an objective perspective paired with deep knowledge of how EdTech users think and work is the key to remedying issues plaguing your product. Our team of UX researchers and designers have vast experience identifying and solving short-term tactical challenges while helping to think through how today’s solutions impact tomorrow’s strategic vision.

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    Brian Keenan

    As a Co-founder of Openfield, Brian’s focus is helping business leaders understand how UX research and design can help them increase speed to market, while reducing risk and waste. He is an avid student and practitioner of landscape photography, which pairs well with his love of road tripping and exploring vast and wild destinations.

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