The Art of Talking to Users: A UX Testing Script Guide

When it comes to product development, user insights are invaluable. After all, it’s crucial you develop an EdTech product your users actually want and need. To glean that insight, you’ve got to understand how to effectively talk to users — without influencing their responses. Download our free guide to learn how to craft smart testing scripts that yield the most accurate, actionable user feedback.

  • Photo of Sarah Freitag
    Sarah Freitag

    As UX Research Lead at Openfield, Sarah draws on her background in market research, design and business to enable our clients to make solid decisions that increase user satisfaction, streamline process and reduce costs. Sarah is an avid reader and an adventurous explorer. Highlights from her favorite travels include Morocco, Peru, Italy, Denmark and France. She modestly describes herself as a “novice” baker, an understatement for someone who took on the daunting task of making her own wedding cake.

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