The Product Leader’s Guide to Discovery Sessions

Whether you’re launching a new EdTech product or making improvements to an existing one, discovery sessions are a critical step that will allow your product team and stakeholders to develop a shared vision and strategy. 

To make the most of this inherently collaborative, interactive process, you’ll need clear goals and a practical agenda. Download our free guide to learn how to conduct a meaningful discovery session for your next UX research and design project.

  • Photo of Annie Hensley
    Annie Hensley

    As Director of UX Design, Annie is responsible for ensuring our team continues to deliver superior client and user experiences that result in tangible business outcomes. That includes fostering collaboration and crossover between our design and research teams, mentorship and career guidance, stewardship of Openfield’s culture and values, as well as, contributing to strategic decisions that ensure our company continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of EdTech clients and users. Annie is a lifelong runner whose recent Indianapolis and Chicago Marathon times qualified her to compete in the Boston Marathon in 2022. Her goal is to tackle the rest of the 6 world majors by adding New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo to her list of running accomplishments. Additionally, Annie loves visiting parks of all sorts – theme parks, ballparks, National Parks (even rewatching Parks and Recreation too many times to count).

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