Ideation & Planning For EdTech Products

We focus only on educational technology — which means we offer a sharp perspective on the unique concerns that your EdTech company faces when developing new products.
A simplified gantt chart showing a major sales release in the spring, followed by minor updates in the fall and mid-year.

Plan Ahead to Make a Timely Impact

Knowing what’s important now and what features can wait is vital to delivering a complete product with the best UX. We can help you prioritize and plan for issues such as ADA compliance, in-app onboarding and efficient delivery of more features within the limited release windows throughout the school year.

Achieve and Maintain EdTech Product Success

Define and align EdTech product features with real-world needs to ensure value to users without compromising your timeline. Whether your product is currently in market or has yet to launch, we can help you plan and prioritize to ensure seamless delivery and an uninterrupted experience for users.

Deliver the Best EdTech Solutions for Learners and Instructors

Align your products with your users’ needs and your business goals. Our capabilities include:

  • MVP Definition
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Design Sprint Workshops
  • Co-Creation Session Planning & Facilitation
  • Accessibility / WCAG 2.2 Planning (ADA Compliance)
  • Third-party Software Evaluation & Integration Planning

Openfield is able to look at a plan and help us figure out what can be released to make the biggest impact quickly. They are advocates for the improvements that are important both for our users and for our team.

UX Capabilities at Openfield

User Research & Testing

Focus all stakeholders and team members on what really matters to your users. Make more confident decisions about what you deploy and when.

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Ideation & Planning

Align product features and flows with the real-world wants and needs of student and instructor users.

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Design & Prototyping

Create and validate bar-setting user experiences that will endear students and instructors to your product.

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