User Research & Testing

Our vast experience interviewing and testing with students and instructors allows us to move much more quickly to uncover and act upon what really matters to your users.
  • User Observation, Interviews & Surveys
  • Competitive & Analogous Benchmarking
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • User Story Development
  • User Validation Testing
  • Expert & Stakeholder Interviews

User empathy is a strong suit of Openfield’s. They excel in understanding the types of customers we support, and their history with us is fantastic. Because they've been working with all of the various users we support for so long, they have a wide base of user understanding and perspective.

UX Capabilities at Openfield

Research & User Insights

Focus all stakeholders and team members on what really matters to your users. Make more confident decisions about what you deploy and when.

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Ideation & Planning

Align product features and flows with the real-world wants and needs of student and instructor users.

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Design & Prototyping

Create and validate bar-setting user experiences that will endear students and instructors to your product.

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