EdTech Product Design & Prototyping

We enable our clients to deliver seamless, inclusive user experiences that serve the needs of all students and instructors.
Examples of form fields showing various scoring states, such as correct and incorrect.

Develop EdTech Products Every Learner Can Rely On

In a learning environment, the smallest details can make all the difference in comprehension. Our efficient, thorough design process considers all perspectives and requirements — all to ensure your product’s user experience and interface doesn’t confuse or alienate users.

Access Specialized Industry Expertise

Openfield has specific EdTech industry experience, allowing us to understand your users and your specific goals and challenges on a deeper level. Our highly collaborative design process is focused on solving customer problems, validating products, and developing educational experiences that truly serve students’, instructors’, and administrators’ most pressing needs.

Achieve Best-in-Class EdTech Product Design

Our EdTech product design and prototyping process is customized to your short- and long-term business objectives, and your audiences’ needs. With best-in-class product design, you can achieve better adoption and endear users to your product. Our capabilities include:

  • UX / User Experience Design
  • UI / User Interaction Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Design Language Systems & Guidelines
  • Accessibility / WCAG 2.2 Implementation (ADA Compliance)
  • Developer Handoff & Documentation
  • UX Copywriting & Illustration

Openfield is able to build collaborative relationships with many different personalities, and has the great skill to not be personally tied to any one design solution. It’s always about what’s best for the success of the product in solving customer problems.

UX Capabilities at Openfield

User Research & Testing

Focus all stakeholders and team members on what really matters to your users. Make more confident decisions about what you deploy and when.

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Ideation & Planning

Align product features and flows with the real-world wants and needs of student and instructor users.

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Design & Prototyping

Create and validate bar-setting user experiences that will endear students and instructors to your product.

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