Optimize the discovery phase for your EdTech product with this guide

The discovery phase is one of the most important steps in the lifecycle of your EdTech product. With the right approach, this phase opens the door to an increased awareness of your users’ motivations and behaviors. And that leads to better decisions for your product. 

Use our guide to user flows, journey maps and the discovery phase to understand how to:

  • Leverage user research and UX best practices
  • Minimize assumptions and uncover true user needs 
  • Avoid pitfalls that may damage the user experience
  • Ask the right questions to uncover barriers to success or opportunities for improvement
  • Photo of Alex Hiser
    Alex Hiser

    Alex graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Visual Communications and specializations in User Experience Design and Publication. While studying there, she found her way to a career in UX when one of her professors suggested her knowledge of design and her ability to empathize with the unarticulated needs of users would make her a great asset to any UX team (spoiler alert: she was right!). As an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC), Alex is committed to ensuring accessibility standards are met by our team. She also received a minor in Spanish while studying abroad in Toledo, Spain. Alex is an explorer at heart. She enjoys traveling to new cities, visiting cathedrals and temples, trying and cooking new foods and checking off her “Things to Do and See” lists. She continues to study the Spanish language through podcasts, movies and speaking it with friends. Alex feels a deep connection to nature. Her favorite hobbies include gardening, caring for exotic houseplants, and spending time with her pet Hedgehog, Milo.

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