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    A disabled student and his teacher using an educational app together.
    ARTICLE: Julee Peterson

    User experience really does mean all users, part 3

    While achieving compliance in your digital products is important, it’s a first step. Make it your goal to reach ALL users through the practice of inclusive design

    A user with physical impairments working on a tablet in the classroom.
    ARTICLE: Julee Peterson

    User experience really does mean all users, part 2

    It’s important for EdTech product teams to embrace industry guidelines and best practices around accessibility. The web and technological advances create new opportunities and have the potential to remove communication barriers many face in the physical world. Yet millions of people can’t fully reap the benefits of those opportunities because of inaccessibile digital products.

    A blind student using a Braille keyboard.
    ARTICLE: Julee Peterson

    User experience really does mean all users, part 1

    Governments (including the United States) have made strides in implementing or updating regulations and policies that ensure that people with disabilities do not face discrimination and have equal access and opportunity to use the web and digital products. While regulations provide a baseline, industry guidelines can provide more context and direction for accessibility in UX. Features like screen readers, text-to-speech, closed captioning and sticky keys are commonplace thanks to established industry guidelines.

    Children using educational software in the classroom.
    INSIGHT: Sarah Freitag

    Three ways research improves UX outcomes

    Research is the foundation of best-practice UX, leading to gains that can be transformative for digital products. But all too often, product teams either forego research altogether, or they fail to implement it properly.

    Trevor Minton, VP of Product Experience at Openfield, talking about ROI of UX investment.
    ARTICLE: Adam Sonnett

    Running the numbers – calculating the ROI of your UX investment

    Do you really know what’s at stake? Check out these calculators to help you combat the risks of UX inaction and envision your ROI.

    Case Study: New connected digital experience for students and instructors fuels rapid market dominance.

    Openfield provided UX strategy and design that resulted in this intuitive, innovative suite of learning tools that facilitate campus communication and create a standardized ecosystem of support at every stage of the student lifecycle.

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