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    Image of two members of an EdTech product team in a rapid ideation session
    ARTICLE: Natty Smith

    Take your EdTech product from problem to solution with these 3 ideation exercises

    Of all the critical moments in the product design process, the leap from a defined problem to solution idea is one of the most exciting and critical steps. Whether building a product for the first time or generating ideas for the “next big thing,” an effective ideation process can ensure a strong start to the production cycle. Different business needs call for different kinds of ideas. All moments of ideation, however, benefit from a strong and creative plan for input and innovation.

    Photo of an EdTech app on a smartphone
    Project-Based Engagements

    Project-Based Engagements

    Openfield helps early-, mid-, and mature-stage EdTech companies quickly identify and eliminate barriers that keep their products from reaching their full potential. Project-based engagements typically run between two to six months in duration. The majority of new relationships with product teams begin with a project to address a specific challenge with a clearly defined scope, […]

    Photo of young male student using EdTech software on laptop
    EdTech Rapid Prototyping Package

    EdTech Rapid Prototyping Package

    Rapid prototyping is a cost-effective, resource-light approach to getting real-world feedback from users. Whether your product is brand new or you plan to release a significant feature revamp to a product with an existing user base, working iteratively through a rapid prototyping process allows your team to gain confidence that your ideas will truly solve […]

    photo of teacher showing student how to use educational software on a tablet
    Ongoing EdTech Monthly UX Design & Research

    Ongoing Monthly UX Design & Research

    Whether you’re an early-stage product with no internal UX staff, a mid-stage growing product with a small team, or an enterprise-level product, Openfield provides a strategic and tactical power boost to your UX program. Openfield specializes in UX research and design for EdTech product teams. Since 2006, we have been working with teams like yours […]

    Photo of EdTech product team collaborating in rapid ideation workshop
    3-Day Ideation Workshop

    3-Day Ideation Workshop

    When done right, one of the most rewarding and fruitful things an EdTech product team can do is rapid ideation. Generating a multitude of solutions to user and business problems in a short period of time can be a key tool to quickly increase user loyalty and sales. But with the daily grind of product […]

    Case Study: New connected digital experience for students and instructors fuels rapid market dominance.

    Openfield provided UX strategy and design that resulted in this intuitive, innovative suite of learning tools that facilitate campus communication and create a standardized ecosystem of support at every stage of the student lifecycle.

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